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Application for The Transformation Foundation Scholarship

The Transformation Foundation was formed with the mission to empower communities and individuals with transformational opportunities. Our vision is that all people have access to creating freedom and living a life they love. We are committed to funding programs & providing financial support for transformational education to communities and individuals in need. The Transformation Foundation is 501-c-3 registered with the Colorado Secretary of State.

We are pleased for the opportunity to support your commitment to personal growth and development.

By filling out this application you are saying that you are interested in participating in one of the transformational programs that we feature on our website and that you don't have the financial means to pay the full tuition. We do not fund the full tuition; we find that when people have invested some of their own money they tend to get more value from being in the course. Filling this application out does not guarantee that you will receive a scholarship however it is the beginning of our application process. After filling out this application you will receive a call from us to set up an interview. Following this interview if we feel that you are a good candidate for our scholarship and you have met the appropriate criteria for the specific program you are interested in, we will fund your tuition.