Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe encompasses a vast array of cultures, economies, histories, beliefs and more. Within such a close proximity these different views can prove to be volatile and even detrimental to the local communities. What's even more detrimental is all of the interpretations from the outside world of those views, which can misconstrue and taint what is actually happening. Despite what we have observed in Kosovo in the early 90's or even in Ukraine today and the predictable future of the region, we assert, these deeply ingrained views, which in some cases lead to hostile action, are NOT THE ONLY WAY to view these relationships between these unique cultures.

One of the things about transformation is that it directly impacts ones view of life as it is lived and therefore gives people access to seeing conflicts of interest differently. Its not that people have to give up their position but they can simply explore for themselves views outside of the view they ended up with because that view no longer absolute truth.

There is a unmistakable freedom and power in that when one gets to invent views that inspire and fulfill them and their communities, a new kind of workability is present between people in families, communities and in organizations.

Landmark has created and fine-tuned a unique methodology to deliver this work, through having put over 2.2 million people through its personal programs and with the 3 decades of consulting work with high level government institutions and top notch organizations around the world.

Currently we have teams of graduates of the Landmark Forum in Slovenia, Russia, Bulgaria, Greece and other countries around the region. These graduates see the opportunity to make a significant difference in these communities by establishing Centers for the work that Landmark does and they need your help.

Problem: To establish a Landmark Center in these regions it is necessary to have a large community of graduates and more importantly leaders that can support and sustain the growth of transformation in those regions. What that looks like is ongoing programs will need to be offered to support those graduates to develop those regions. We will need leaders to lead these graduates in those distinct languages.

The only local place that the Forum is being offered in Europe is Israel, London and for Russian translation in New York.

That means the cost of doing these programs is at least twice if not more than it would be for someone who lives near a center and can sign up to do the courses for the cost of the courses alone.

Solution: Money donated to this cause will go directly to airfare and hotel of people who register from these countries to do the Forum.

Cost to send one participant: $300 - $1000 airfare. $300 - $1000 Hotel

We will be sending 100 Participants this year.

We are raising: $100,000

Each Eastern European country has a vested interest in this project for all Eastern Europe, because one regions development will directly benefit another and so on. Therefore donations will be applied to any applicant from any of the Eastern European countries as needed.

Each region is developing a 5 year plan for Centers in those regions and updates will be included here on our website as to their progress.


Thank you for wanting to get involved with the Eastern European Fund. There are two ways that you can financially support the Fund.

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By the end of 2015 we need to raise $100,000 to make this possible. Please help us reach our goal and thank you in advance for your efforts.

WHY WE SUPPORT Eastern European Fund...


At the Landmark Forum I first realized that all my life I looked at myself and the people around me as objects - this is good, but this is not very much; it has such distinctive features as well as I do this. I saw their uniqueness and uniqueness of others. I realized that each person can create a happy and fulfilling life - the life that he / she creates, and for which he / she is solely responsible. Today I look at the world and the people around me differently - I create happiness in your life and the lives of others.

- MK

Prior to my participation in the Landmark Forum, my whole adult life went with a brand that I'm a big loser Cancelled and personality , and it was a mark of my own making . At Landmark Forum inspiration came to me that I am capable of many things , and even more, and I build my own destiny. Since then, my life is on course laid me - I had a loved one , I applied for a dismissal , which could not stand , and opened her own business ! Every morning I wake up and enjoy life , that I myself create. Thank you, Landmark Forum ! How long I 've been waiting for!

- LT

For many years I did not communicate with his father. He died and now two years later - I'm at the Landmark Forum.

A young man in front of me with tears in her eyes tells about his divorce and his two adolescent daughters. Suddenly I realize that my father was also worried about me while I was creating and dragged him into the 30-year-old story about how bad he is. Writing a letter to him, I felt freedom and love for him. What a pity that I did not pass this forum before.

I have always thought that I am the same as my father, that I simply react arrogant in certain situations and am often nervous in traffic etc. This was very real to me and everytime I was this way It was just another confirmation about it. Deep inside I was blaming my father for how he is and was angry with myself aswell.
On the Landmark Forum I realised very clearly that this was just a story I have made up. In that moment a new kind of freedom and unseen possibilities for ways of being opened up for me. Since than my life is much more playful and the relationship with my father and everyone else around me shifted to a completely new level.

- GM


Landmark gave me abillity to understand life. I am authentic and I am living my life throughout who I am and not who someone wants me to be. I really got that I am responsible for every area of my life whether it be history, present or future. My games are bigger, future brighter and fears and thoughts can be controled, so I am staying calm, with no drama left. I said my father that I love him for the first time in my life, I ended my university as mechanical engineer, got a award for diploma, I found motivation in my work and director noticed that, so plans for future are different that before. I started to do sports so I workout almost every day for one year now, and I inspired some people around me, even my 80 years old grandma. I am effective in sport club, fireman club and footbal club, and we started some big projects from nothing. Comunication is much better and effective. I realized, that future depends on me, so it will be my way.

- Klemen Kokelj

By participating in Landmark Forum I expirienced effectivness that I never had before in my life. What is possible for me now is clear leadrship and understanding why people are not effective and fullfilled in area that is important to them. By that I am expiriencing peace and power by using Landmark Forum tools. My life changed dramaticly and I am really greatfull for everything I so and got on Landmark Forum. Result I got is new job as head of a new department and a lot of satisfied customers.

- Blatnik Blaž

What I got from doing Landmark Forum? Before doing Landmark Forum I didn't have many friends and was very lonely person. On Landmark Forum I discovered that when I was 5 years old, sth happend and I put meaning to that and that decision was impacting my life without even knowing it. I decided that you cannot trust anyone, not even your best friend and guess what, I didn't have many friend. After distinguishing what really happened(facts) and the story I made I got total freedom. Last week I celebrated my 36th birthday and 15 friends prapered a surprice party for me. :) Doing Landmark Forum is like pressing RESET button or getting instruction manual for using the most important person in your life, yes YOU! Really being who you really are and not pretending to be someone just to please others. Total freedom! Like Nike would say "YUST DO IT!" you will never regret it doing it.

- Dejan Stipič, businessman, director of Popolno računovodstvo d.o.o., Slovenia

I have done the Landmark Forum in August 2009.
Before that I was keep on asking myself - is this it? Is this the life I am supposed to live? I knew I will get a job, I had a loving partner, just completed my diploma degree. I was in general pleased with my life. It just felt as if something is missing.Thinking of it as if I am in a golden cage, but cage nevertheless.
As I have done the Landmark Forum I have seen myself from a completely different perspective. I stopped relating to myself as if I am not capable to go beyond where I thought my limits were. Seeing myself as an unlimited potential I wiped out the idea I had about my future (The way I thought I have to live my life) and newly created my life.
I completed induction period at school in Slovenia, moved to London, got engaged, ran half marathon and ran a race that ended in an Olympic Stadium. I shifted relationships in my family and got us more connected. I started running projects, got a job in a Primary school I love, exploring autism while I work with children. This kind of job doesn't even exist in Slovenia and am now working on actively bringing the knowledge home.
I have completely transformed my financial habits and am living into complete financial freedom as I now see that this it is reachable.

Most of what I do would not have been available to me without doing the Landmark Forum.

- Klara Štravs, London UK

I have attended The Landmark Forum in September 2010. Prior to the Landmark forum I have attended many other self-development courses and I have to say that the Landmark forum was the most cost/result effective course I have ever done. One thing (among many others) that I got out of doing the Landmark Forum is transformed relationship with my father. Before Landmark forum I had a lot of resentments towards my father that I have not even been aware of it. As a consequence of that I was easily annoyed and reactivated by him and I had many arguments and disagreements with him. After the Landmark forum we have much more loving and close relationship and I am really happy and fullfield about it! Another thing that I got out from doing the Landmark forum is that got the courage to become events coordinator for a non-profit sustainability/advocacy organisation and I become catalysts for their London monthly events that have been attended by hundreds of people- this gives me a blast of self-expression and joy and this would never be possible for me to do before the Landmark Forum.

- Matjaz Strojin (30), London UK

I am a painter and Landmark is crazy! 3 years ago, one friend told me about this amazing Landmark forum and because i trust him i went to Londonto attend it. I will share you, what effect had Landmark worldwide on me artisticaly. I know, you would think what is there artistcaly in Landmark? I must say, thay did not teach me how to paint. They gave me something much better, they showed how to be free of my fear and stories. I promise you, my next painting i did, after Landmark Forum was like somebody else has done it. Radient, use of color and brush work, so beautiful. I fell in love with painting and i fell in love with me, the painter inside of me. I decided to go and develope my skills too maximum, so i went and studied painting in Italy, and now i am finishing Academy of fine arts in Ljubljana plus I am finishing SmArt Art School under mentorship of legendary american painter Donato Giancola (yes i am finishing two schools). In september i am going back in Florence to study on world renown Angel's academy of art. I am a kid, 24 years old and i know everything is possible for me! Don't believe me? 3 days ago I have sold two paintings for 2 000 euros, plus i had an exhibition recently and it was mindblowing. There was so many people that they filled 3 rooms of that gallery. And that is what it counts! If you still don't believe me, I am one of the finalists of american Art Renewal Center International Salon Competition 2014!
I told you....Landmark is crazy! For you, from Slovenia, living my dreams

- Nik Anikis Skušk