The Passport Project

We believe that venturing outside the borders of the USA is the first step in opening up a million possibilities for youth, and that international travel experiences are the best way to create a generation of global citizens who will be the inspiring, responsible leaders of tomorrow.

But did you know that only 38% of Americans have a passport? We are out to transform that number.

The Passport Project is committed to the possibility of all high school seniors obtaining their passports by the time they graduate.

How can you support The Passport Project?

Thank you for wanting to get involved with The Passport Project. There are two ways that you can financially support young Americans to travel.

1. Donate by clicking the "Donate Today" button below OR
2. Create a Personal Fundraising Page by clicking on "Join This Cause"

Please join us in making a difference in the lives of young people by providing them with a passport, which opens the door to transformational experiences through travel. Passports cost upwards of $110, yet what may seem as a small amount to some people can serve as a significant barrier to others. Your financial contribution helps us create young global citizens who are the future leaders of our world.

Why support The Passport Project?

Only 38% of Americans have a passport, and that number needs to change. The Passport Project sees a way for every young American to have the opportunity to travel abroad, experience the world, and have transformational experiences, regardless of financial constraints. As the world continues to get smaller, the more globally-minded young people there are, the more powerful shift we can create towards a connected and inclusive society, everywhere.

How does this program help?

The Passport Project is out to provide free passports and sponsored, transformational travel opportunities abroad to high school seniors who contribute significantly to their schools and their communities. Help us make international travel possible so that high school students discover the values of leadership, global citizenship, and lifelong self-discovery — contribute to The Passport Project today!