Who We Are

The Transformation Foundation was formed with the mission to empower communities and individuals with transformational opportunities. Our vision is that all people have access to creating freedom and living a life they love. The Transformation Foundation is committed to funding programs & providing financial support for transformational education to communities and individuals in need.

We work with a number of partners and organizations in fulfilling our mission. We provide individual scholarships to young people and families in need. In addition, we raise money for community-wide transformational programs that are currently being delivered developing countries like Haiti and to Veterans in the United States.

We strongly believe that people who know the power and magic to transformation want to help make programs available to others in need. Please join us by making a financial contribution and getting involved today.


Board of Directors


Kate Maloney, PhD (Executive Director) holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and a Doctoral Degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Organizational Applications. She has applied her formal training to the areas of business development as an entrepreneur, organizational psychologist, executive consultant and author. Kate has served as faculty at Regis University in Denver, CO in the Department of Psychology, and has been nominated for the Excellence in Teaching Award for five consecutive years. Kate has founded and invested in over a dozen technology companies over the last five years. Kate is active in leading and collaborating in the cutting edge of cultural transformation, and is known for her commitment to community development, and uniting the transformational culture. Kate currently lives in Boulder, CO.


Sariel Beckenstein (President) is the founder and creator "The Five steps to attracting the love of your dreams" Although a graduate of The Israel Insurance institute and a trained insurer by Lloyds of London specializing in precious metals and bullion, his passion has always been making sure that every person on this planet finds love in their life:

Sariel is the author of "One Man's Story" (Hebrew; forthcoming); and a performer: One man show, "The Songs That I Schlepped"; dialogue in Hebrew for Moses' mother, The Prince of Egypt (film); and script adviser for the award winning Sivan Hadari's, "The Emancipation of the Sassy Jewish Woman".

A former singer with the Cape Town Opera Company (South Africa), his song, "T efillah Atikah", won a "Shalshelt" composition competition. Sariel's desire to transmit what he knows stems primarily from his Study of Rubenfeld Synergy, a convergence of Alexander and Feldenkrais techniques and gestalt therapy, with Ilana Rubenfeld; Imago Relationship Therapy with Katherine Cunningham; his extensive work with Landmark has brought Sariel to the world of Transformation. Now sits on the board of the Transformation foundation.


Thomas Kane (Vice President) is an entrepreneur specializing in medical IT technologies and has been successful at creating and selling IT companies. He is working to build a future that allows him to contribute multiple donations toward the causes he believes in. In the past nine years he has attended over 70+ Landmark Education Programs around the world. Thomas has created and served with over seven non-profits globally, including Well Being Foundation, Himalayan Children's Charities, Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels, and various other religious organizations in various positions serving the local community.

Thomas has a drive for success, that when harnessed around Growth and Development, has allowed him to enroll others in that drive and to produce the framework for programs to exist and operate. This work has allowed Thomas to coach, inspire, and motivate others to take action and create more of non-profits.

He has hosted fundraisers and developed relationships with various individual donors and businesses to provide scholarships for 350+ people to attend the Landmark Forum. The same fundraising successfully helped build drinking wells for the Kenyan people in Africa.

When Thomas isn't starting new companies or fundraisers, he is participating in adventurous and extreme sports. Nothing is off the board for Thomas, who will take any opportunity to skydive, BASE jump, snow ski, hike and climb mountains, paddle board, fly sail planes, hang glide, rock climb, and kayak.

Thomas has a unique family dynamic! Landmarks education has had a profound effect on how he co-parents and relates to his ex-wife, their son, and her children. All of his family members have attended the Landmark Forum and it has created a great relationship between his family that may not have otherwise existed. Thomas' greatest daily goal is to be fulfilled and happy in whatever he is doing each day, whether it be working with clients or being a contribution to his friends and family.

Thomas currently resides in Atlanta, GA


Peggy Sue Schmoldt (Secretary) is a Mom with two amazing daughters, a "Mimi" to her grandson, 3rd eldest with 8 siblings, a mentor for numerous beauty professionals, an aspiring stand-up comic, an ordained minister, an intuitive, a trend-spotter, a Reiki master and a dancer at heart.

Transformation of others has been Peggy Sue's professional focus for 35 years as beauty practitioner and educator. She is the founder/operator of the Academy of Cosmetology Arts in Denver, Colorado a unique hybrid apprenticeship academy training and producing successful beauty professionals. She has worked on legislation and education concerns and is currently serving on the Leadership Council for the Professional Beauty Association. She is a recognized speaker. Peggy Sue has a vivacious presence as a facilitator and has educated for many organizations, manufacturers and on numerous national stages.

Peggy Sue has been participating and supporting other's in transformational education since being introduced to the Landmark Forum in 2001.


Kristen Moeller, M.S. (Founder & Past President) is a highly respected coach, author, speaker and radio show host with a masters degree in counseling, Kristen found her calling when she recovered from addictions at the young age of 23. After spending more than half her life supporting others in their own transformation as well as continuing to grow herself, Kristen had a recent life challenge when her house burned to the ground in a raging Colorado forest fire. Always one to dive deeply into life, Kristen formed a group of neighbors to support each other in recovery efforts and threw herself into her writing. Kristen continues to be proud of founding the Chick-a-go Foundation (now The Transformation Foundation) after her inspiration that no one should be denied the gift of transformation due to financial constraints. She also thrives in her work with new authors in creating and publishing their books, as well as her life-long dream of speaking at two separate TEDx events. Kristen still resides in the mountains of Colorado with her husband, two large dogs and an ornery cat, a mere 200 yards from the nearest fire station.